Trump's Pants Really Did Look Backwards Though

Joylandi 7-Iyn, 2021
James starts the show checking in on everyone's weekend, and he shares how he burned an hour at a child's birthday party thanks to a video game. And if anyone knows the host of the "So This Is My Why" podcast based in Malaysia, please ask her to release her interview with CBS Senior Vice President of Late Night Programming (West Coast) Nick Bernstein as soon as possible. After, James gets into the headlines including setting the record straight: former President Donald Trump's pants were definitely not on backwards this weekend. And we debate what it will take for more people to get the vaccine.

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  • Yes... I'm watching. And Part 1 of the interview with Nick is coming out this Sunday! 🤣

    • @John Miller I'd say of the country are **very** gullible.

    • Meanwhile Biden forgot what he said one minute ago...

    • Trump won. All the evidence is there. Mass ballots sent everywhere and harvested and wheeled in with no verification after the windows were blocked off and watchers were sent home. How gullible can america be haha

    • @The Late Late Show with James Corden can you link the podcast show interview on twitter or on Instagram? 😂

    • People, guess what?!?!?! The interview we've been waiting for!!!

  • Have you forgotten that ONE DIRECTION's interview is yet to do

  • Damn the ugly guy with the bad mustache BRING IT ON YOU WILL LOSE !!!!!!!!!!!

  • You guys are having a hard time finding people to get vaccinated. Meanwhile here in the Philippines, we keep waiting for new vaccines to arrive cause it's never close to being enough.

  • As i Brit I apologise for this mug

  • Who's the guy that looks like Mike (my pillow guy)😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • I love trump.. Best president in my lifetime... Clinton was good first term and reagan had a good first term. Obama was ok but he was instituted in the role...did not like bush...either one.

  • He is a fake democrat. He is really a republican.

  • freedom of choice

  • He was wearing a diaper.

  • 😂🤪🤣😂🤪🤣😂🤪🤣👍

  • buck fiden

  • Woketards SHOW

  • is trumps ma still alive and buying his school clothes?

  • I'm from Malaysia! 🇲🇾 Delighted to hear my country mentioned here. I enjoyed the podcast, Nick.

  • You got the vaccine because of Trump

  • 32 minutes?! Release the tape! Release the tape! Release the tape

  • Release the 32 minute cut you cowards #CordenCut

  • Why does the UK only send it's worst. This pathetic turd, John Oliver and piers morgan - could we make a worse impression to the US?

  • Late late show ...Trump is no longer President......there are a few jokes now to be made about the current president who cannot speak without being scripted and a vice president who laughs uncontrollably when asked difficult questions......your is not is serious.

  • The vaccination card has barcode...

  • WHERE'S HUNTER??? Faaat boooy??

  • Come on Nick, when are we going on a cruise?I don't care if people are vaccinated or not, fins up baby:)

  • I effen love this dude!

  • 5:20...Trump's tailor should be impeached...LOL! GOOD ONE!😂

  • Two thumbs from me to 👍👍

  • Media just can't stop talking Trump to boost viewers.

    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣no just laughs.

  • Super heavy duty Depends, filled.

  • I can't stop to laugh

  • the right thumbnail........

  • His Pants was on backwards, cause He's Ass Backwards!!

  • What's wrong with Trump? He looks so gaunt and pale! Does he have terminal cancer or something?

  • Meanwhile Biden forgot what he said two minutes ago...

  • Wow is this supposed to be funny?... woke shite

  • thank you Steve for the intro.

  • Would respect you just a little bit Corden if you stopped covering up for the Biden administration and commented on the border crisis , the economy, the 5% inflation , rising gas prices , America's weakened state internationally after just four months of this appalling Biden administration and the frequent use of the N word and filthy sexually explicit messages sent to unsolicired women by Hunter Biden . Show some gonads and address the real issues or are you just another paid Democrat hack ?

  • The highest form of comedic entertainment, mocking someone's appearance. What a quality show.

  • As a nurse I can say for certain that his depends were seriously in need of a change. The pants look like some drunk tailor made him elastic waist pants. WTH

  • So I have a theory that people are as equally stupid as they are smart. Jeff Bezos may be doing the most stupid thing ever. Taking his brother with him, is doubling down and there is nothing perfect in this world. Not the smartest thing ;))

  • But that suit though are on point!

  • And he still talks crap about Woman like he's this 2021 Fabio.

  • Lap dance from Lindsey Graham caused it..

  • Can we send this guy back to the U.K. or just let Corn Pop at him?

  • My friend thinks he’s wearing depends

  • Trump is such a tool.

  • The new Republican trend for pants... backward thinking and backward pants

  • No it looks as though he has filled his Pampers and he really wants someone to change them but it's going to cost him because no one wants to smell spoiled hot rotten disease fecal matter

  • I know I should have pity on the guy. But I do love laughing at Donald. such a loser

  • Enema bag because he's so full of...

  • Yo the trump left offices if you haven’t noticed. Think of newer jokes

  • Hey James. You have frontbutt everyday

  • The only thing on late night worth watching. This format is amazing!

  • 10000% YES we should be requiring people to show their vaccine cards! Why else did we receive them??? I’m SICK of the bs excuses, get vaccinated! For people like my elderly mom (who is vaccinated) and 5 month old baby!

  • Boring! Who watches this crap?

  • kinda feels like a show for old people now...

  • The languid carp historically deserve because captain phenomenologically gather mid a daffy william. arrogant, draconian leg

  • We could start advertising for shots like in Idiocracy "Vaccinations and Full Release" You can't in force Vaccinations or having to prove it either. That would be a huge invasion of someone privacy. Would you also integrate anyone who doesn't have one because any person who can not receive it should not have to explain themselves to others. It's disgusting to hear people suggest something like that. Don't get me wrong I carry my kids Vaccine cards on me, but laws are in place for that in my state.

  • You got it wrong His head is on backwards

  • Big baby Trump is coming back just watch

  • Fukn loving the green

  • James fell for a photo-shopped picture of Trump. Some people fall for everything

  • omg James Corden is this hilarious? I never stuck it out past one minute. He's good when he's feeling loose n fun... will be back.

  • Trump wears the same size he wore in high school he’s just wearing them under his butt gut😁😂😂😂😂😂

  • Circumstantial evidences dude wears diapers. Incontinent much?

  • Southern border is flooded, LA is full of homeless, ANTIFA is taking over cities and BLM continues to Burn Loot and Murder and you got jokes about Trumps pants? How about being funny.

  • You socialist liberals just can’t let go off Trump can you? Move on!!

  • Jesus, Ian is spot on about how lazy and dumb anti-vaxxers are! I agree, let's start excluding them!

  • You people are still talking about Trump wtf is wrong with you?

  • I really wana see all 32min🙄🥰

  • Amazon sells vaccine cards.

  • Overweight fat people can’t make fun of his pants. Most overweight obese people have belly fat and continue gain weight in that area. Most people that gain fat on their stomach stuff their pants to hide the fat. “You can hide the belly fat by stuffing it in your pants”. Older men tend to have big belly’s that hang (Normal). His pants are not backwards, he’s hiding his belly fat. Not a big deal.

  • Sorry to be the bad guy, but the part starting at 3:45 surely sounds like sexual harassment to me.

  • Really?? STILL can’t anyone to watch without talking about Trump? Wow, the death of late night is the real joke..

  • who are all these other people??? why is every banter not with REGGIE WATTS................ the coolest dude in the universte????!!!!!

  • Trump /Pants 2020 haha (Mike Pants)

  • Sometimes it’s because your stomach is too big or your pants are made that way or are too tight Time to ditch the fast foods

  • even trumps pants lie😆

  • Tump No1 👍🇺🇲🇬🇧

  • Trump does everything ass backwards. He's the tail wagging the dog.

  • He just wanted to prove he’s got big balls

  • Running out of material?

  • My grandma has alzheimers. Those are 100% ADULT DIAPERS

  • It’s plain to see that they were a pair of pull ups!, because he’s a BIG BABY! 👶🏻😉

  • I get it if you made fun of Biden (which there's a wealth of material for) would just be making fun of an old man with dementia.

  • 32 minutes monologue and we got only 15 .. Not Fair James

  • Thank you! Thank you!!!

  • The cyber attack had happened:

  • F the vaccine. What is this bs? Its a choice you you dumbfs. Emergency use case vaccine LOL.

  • Bezos rocket named new Sheppard.~ De@d Lion~ De@d fish,~ The lion is our creator The fish his son. And the new Sheppard well that's in the beginnings right like to be honest I've heard the word Sheppard for the first time I think was in catechism before I done my first communion as a child. Funny show like always Just thought I share that.

  • My mom always said don't walk out my home with wrinkled shit on.

  • So called billionair with wrinkles in pants. Dude looks broke

  • Free education for adults. The people in this country stupid, it boggles the imagination.

  • President Skroob LIVES "Why didn't somebody tell me my ass was so big"

  • If his pants aren't on backwards, he is definitely wearing a diaper. Trump should become a spokesman for Depends, he can do a before and after, showing how stupid he looked in the Diaper, and then looking more normal in his Depends Diaper.

  • James is about as funny nobody.. Not suprized people are laughing though

  • Who the Hell is James Cordon?

  • 7:35 I lost all respect in this show. Thanks for showing your not American's but how you treat people with no Dignity. Disgusting, Pathetic, and Major Cowards!! I will never watch this show ever again.

  • 3:47 A British white dude telling some ethnic man how much he would like to sit in his car and watch the ethnic man wash it. And then the white dude repeats that disgraceful, pathetic little joke. Disgusting, James Corden.

  • The diaper is backwards.

  • No "though" about it.