The Jonas Brothers's Tours Have Become Nicer

Joylandi 27-May, 2021
James Corden asks Kevin, Nick and Joe Jonas about their coming "Remember This" tour, and James shows some photos from their early days on the road. From the food to the transport, the boys have come a long way. And Joe talks about what they learned from opening for the Backstreet Boys. After, Nick looks ahead to some of the new music they're releasing.

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  • I would love to hear more singing solo from Kevin

  • I kind of love the idea of a big band just putting out music when they feel like it and not being restricted to an album release.

  • Who is going to one of the concerts?!🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️

  • I love Kevin and Joe so much

  • These guys are 3 people and can't really land any punchlines lmao

  • Joe is so quick witted

  • What is this sweater Nick is wearing?

  • Who touched Demi ?!?!?!

  • Joe looks like a dad from the 70s or something

  • Yesss, Kevin ❤️

  • Only 2 Kevin's in the world Kevin, Jonas brothers Kevin, one direction

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • Kevin and Joe: Let;s wear green and not tell Nick

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  • Do you guys know what sweater brand Nick's wearing? that makes me wanna wear too 😊

  • Nick kinda takes over on interviews

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  • Day 31 of asking James Corden to do a carpool karaoke with Louis Tomlinson since he won’t kidnap 1D and reunite them to make our year better 😈

  • Is the green and yellow outfit color pallet a hidden love message for Brazil? 🇧🇷 Because if it isn’t I am just gonna take it anyways

  • Ok, but Joseph’s outfit is so on point

  • My fav boys 🔥🤩

  • Thank goodness the Jonas Brother's success wasn't defined by the fact Kevin forgot his guitar. Imagine if the industry just said, never hire these guys, they are not organized.

  • Yesssssss keep it going 💚💚💚 I’m reliving my childhood again 💚💚💚 Love you guys so much!!! Thank you James and thank you JoBros!!! 💚💚💚

  • But the thing is that we didn’t hate you!! Lmao it was just very early

  • I hate them so much, they don’t care about anyone but themselves.

  • So glad James had them back on, I’ve watched the interviews they did in 2019 way too many times lol, it’s great to watch interviews of them at this stage when they’re all free to be themselves 🥰🥰🥰

  • Lol Demi lovato revived them n they dumped her they’re snakes

  • Wow I was born in 2005

  • Joe called me poor at 3:57 😂

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  • Why is no talking about the fact that Joe and Kevin are Dads? Like obviously Kevin is but. JOE IS A FATHER

    • @мαlιикα she meant that Joe still doesn't have the look of a dad.

    • Joe looks like a dad form the 70s or something

    • And what? In the world are many dads 🙄

    • @Taylor Weekley I know that I’m just saying I’m surprised the comments aren’t talking about that.

    • Joe and Sofie have been mostly keeping it quiet because they don't want her to be publicized. They said she didn't choose this life so they are keeping out of the spotlight for as long as they can

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  • Nick looks amazing awww

  • James is disgusting.

  • Ive Been to the year 3000

  • Thought Joe was Daniel Levy

  • When they were young they were so adorable

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  • I absolutely LOVE that they put Kevin on the thumbnail ❤️

  • I ask for my wish I hope one day the super talent of Jonas Brothers will join a collaboration with MONSTA X, since both are incredible in voices, they really sing and both deserve more fans since they are really very good at singing, I ask for collaboration, Comment if I'm wrong! MONSTA X

  • I just really love Kevin and Joe a lot

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  • I got my tickets ! I'm kinda nervous they're not gonna play their old music tho I hope they still do

  • I Was Officially Heartbroken When JonasBrothers Broke UP. They Finally Deserve To Comeback I Fuckin Missed You FELLAS from JonasBrothers

  • i love how their outfits always coordinate

  • Definitely should put out an album

  • Please invite ZAYN MALIK to your show🙏🙏🙏 #ZAYNCORDEN

  • 2:56 is when you look me in the eyes...

  • How come this has only 170 comments??


  • Every time the host speaks, I cringe. Anyways love the Brothers

  • 2019: jonas brothers reunited 2021: F.R.I.E.N.D.S reunited ONE DIRECTION ??? 😭😭 i really want 1D reunion. James please kidnappe one direction 🥺😭 you are the only hope i am begging 😭

  • I’m seeing them in Syracuse NY!!!

  • I wish they come back to Latin America next year! Last time was 2013, Uruguay wants JB ♥️

  • Does anyone want them to go on The Masked Singer?

  • Nick's sweater looks itchy.

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  • Jobro's have really come along way

  • These guys are very authentic and pure... So happy to see that they haven't confirmed to the corruption of the music industry.

  • They performed at my middle school before I went there!!!

  • 0:24Well done Wanna casual dating?

  • They seem to be in the healthiest version of their relationship, and I LOVE to see that.👏🏽👏🏽 Also I adore how James Corden doesnt shy away from including Kevin into conversations about the band, since he really is just as big of a part as Nick and Joe. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • Joe Jonas talking about The Backstreet Boys "They were like rock stars"....umm...were??? Correction....they still are rock stars! #KTBSBPA 👌🏽

  • Nick in that sweater is giving me flashbacks to Steve from Blue's Clues 😂

  • We need footage of their first show would be amazing to see

  • I'm going to the concert I can't wait im so excited!!!

  • I'm loving this good old vibes of joe wearing those glasses it's so cute and adorable on him and also I'm so glad that these guys came to their senses and got their issues out in the open and came back together to make this awesome comeback

  • Ugh I wish you weren't the host for the Friends Reunion. You were sooo annoying. Less talking more listening dude.

  • Yes, it’s here.

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  • Saw them outdoors at Alabama Adventure in 2007, ran right passed me and jumped into the van and waved at me through the window. Fell in love that very moment and ill never forget it. They have truly changed my life and I know exactly to go when I'm having a bad day for serotonin, into their music for memories.

  • I barely recognize Joe; he’s so stylish now! Something about the glasses reminds me of Dan Levy.

  • Nicks sweater looks so itchy 😅

  • Joe is such a dad

  • They actually came to my middle school in 2005 and I remember meeting them and thinking that they were pretty cool!

  • All 3 have such a unique vibe. They aren’t like each other. I totally get why Sophie is into her man. And each bro with their loves as well. Very independent personalities.

  • Kevin, serious! lmao

  • YAY!!!!!

  • when nick says that the early days were punk/pop/rock. hes really not kidding. their first full album is the perfect baby's first pop-punk band type album. there are songs that were clearly tailored to sound like blink, green day, and ofcorse theres the cover from Busted, year 3000. it also has some ska light songs. highly recomed the first album to any pop punk fan. its a fun ride and the album I give full credit in starting my addiction to the genre. I'm truly not selling it well enough

    • even their self titled album (their second album) it’s my fave. the classic JB sound 🥰

  • Hey I’m 51 and I love them!

  • The Jonas Brothers should make a 6th Album someday this year. I love Joe in his Glasses and is bringing back his Hairstyle from back in the Day

  • I cannot put into words how proud I am of these 3 boys. JONATIC LITERALLY FOR LIFE. I cant wait to see them in September with my VIP PASS!!!!!!

  • I love these guys 🤎🙌🏽🙌🏽 forever obsessed

  • Joe has the only dad jokes 🤣

  • It’s crazy how they broke up and got back together and still have such a great relationship I can’t wait to see them not tour

  • Nostalgia

  • I love Kevin with tater tots 😂 you re fun, love it so much!

  • Omg Joe you re the sexiest ❤

  • Already got my tickets! Wooooo

  • I wish James would talk about Busted with Jonas Brothers on the show so America can know Busted created it

    • @Olivia Onye yeah I know but a lot of people still think it's JB & it would be fun if busted got talked about on US tv.

    • Busted and the Jonas brothers played a song together in 2019 I think at capital fm, people know they created it

  • James, that suit was the best and looked amazing on you! Also, one of the best shows of the season. My question is, can u explain the science behind gluten-free shampoo?

  • Everyone should go listen to their first album "It's About Time" great album. Lol James calling them cherubs & they played cherubs in Night At The Museum 2

  • Day 5 of trying to convince James to tell all the boys to do carpool secretly and take them to his house one at a time after kidnapping them and make them sing night changes and you and I in his living room wearing their merch while live streaming it for us

  • The Video is really good and great and i love jonas brothers

  • james is great, i'm so glad he made sure to include kevin

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