Chelsea Handler Thinks It's Gonna Be a Sex-Crazed Summer

Joylandi 9-Iyn, 2021
James Corden welcomes Chelsea Handler to Stage 56 and the two look ahead to Summer 2021 and Chelsea is sure it's going to be a run of group sex that breeds a new STD. And James asks about her "Dear Chelsea" advice podcast which led to her taking a 30-day cannabis sabbatical, and how her "Evolution" stand-up special has influenced her writing.

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  • A synonym for a trashy and unclassy woman is Chelsea Handler.

  • Is this the woman who told 50 cent who to vote for because he was black why have they got racists like her on show

  • There she is Folks - Joy Reid disguised as Chelsea Handler. Thats two nasty woman.

  • Kidnap one direction

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  • She still putting down Angelina’s kids?

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  • then check out Lordes new single Solar Power

  • PLZ bring this QUEEN back to late night tele.. PLZ!✨

  • How fucking much do I love her 😍

  • Oh sweet Chelsea thinking 8 or 9 grandchildren is a lot 😂

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  • HOLLYWOOD is what she is referring to

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  • 🙄🤢

  • Haha the serious faces she makes after saying something inappropriate 😐.. 🤣🤣

  • 🤣😂🤣😂

  • #OneDirection #Kidnap1D

  • Love Chelsea!!!!!!!

  • I ❤️ Chelsea Handler. The 🌎 needs to see more of her. I feel like I haven’t seen her in forever; ever since the beginning of the Covid pandemic.

  • Chelsea is so funny, enjoyed seeing her 🤣 😂

  • Called a tolerance break

  • Remember when she used to be funny? Now she’s just woke and lame.

  • James seems to look thinner. It suits him. Hope he feels good and starts liking himself more.

  • If Chelsea hosted an orgy, would you go? I'd go to see who she invited Lol

  • I love her

  • She still so damn funny

  • Did anyone else get the vibe that while talking about sexual topic, seemed like James got a boner and trying to play it cool?

  • I don't know what to say

  • Chelsea Handler does give me naughty thoughts. 😉

  • when im mentally clear, clear the fuck out. i feel that

  • James Corden is living proof that if you can’t be funny in Britain, then just jump across the pond to the states and still not be funny.

  • Teaspoon of natriumhydrogencarbonate and a bit if water in your mouth - all smell neutralized...and if you drink it your body gets a little bit deacified as well.

  • If you use an app to swap faces between Chelsea Handler and Bryan Cranston, they both still look exactly the same.

  • "Soften the edges" is a perfect way to describe navigating a successful path with cannabis. Chelsea is a Legendary Being.

  • Kudos to James Corden. He really is the man for the job. So enjoyable!

  • I felt disgusted at the mask thing. Ewe!


  • Wow Chelsea seems to have grown as a person, that's great. Definitely believe every human should be in therapy. I wish there was better access to it and less barriers.

  • "And close all your other body parts"

  • THE CASUAL GIRLS ARE IDATEUS.UNO UZfire: This is fine Someone: Says ''heck'' youtube: be gone ''Quotes'' Everything will be fine

  • Certainly hope Chelsea correct.😁 Yes to more or some sex. #safe sex

  • I like how youtube's automated subtitles are so sexually repressed that rather than spell out orgies, they have to make it orangeys'. I really thought that we were getting less sexually uptight back in the 60's, yet here we are in the 2120's, and we still can't say words that are sex specific because some people will get outraged at the thought of sex.

    • Just translate the strong words to Latin, and You will become a celebrity!

    • @M - Ikr. It's crazy. *big clouds of fog and low rumbling drums* *In a female movie narrator voice* There was a pandemic in 2021. Many people died. Many people didn't believe it was real. Some of us went into cryogenic sleep in hopes of a brighter day and to repopulate the earth. This is our story. *loud music and shit with pounding drums* annnnnnnnnnnd scene!

    • Holy fuck?! I woke up in 2120?

  • looks like they took andy cohens studio set

  • I. Love. Her 😂💋❤

  • She a poopootypoo

  • Love Chelsea!

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  • I love her books; they're hilarious! If you haven't read them yet, you're in for a ton of laughs.

  • True story: Me and my bestie are Chelsea’s super fan. We decided to go to her show in Houston Texas from South Carolina. We got her book at a Sam’ Club store because it was cheaper. We get to the show and we’re informed that we have to buy the book there to be able to go to the sign up. Four books later we approached the sign up and told her we came all the way from South Carolina. She said” why you did that, I go to South Carolina all the time” she was not impressed.

    • Oh I did. It was just so funny!

    • As a fellow Chelsea superfan, I got to say that's exactly how I expect her to react. What I love most about Chelsea is her absolute unwillingness to patronise people. It makes sense that she was not impressed that you came all the way from South Carolina to see her when she goes to South Carolina all the time. I hope you and your bestie enjoyed the show and the books.

  • Handy Handler has been handled more than a toilet handle.

  • I love her so much

  • Chelsea and I are twins separated (probably for the greater good) at birth, in my mind 🤣🤣

  • Jijhhiju R6 OLWFUFkw

  • Love the two of them and glad she is doing well...she has a way of telling the damn truth and making it funny!

  • When me and Chelsea were teenagers New Jersey ....I got that ass.Also James Corden a homosxual Brit in a fake marriage he is gay

  • Chelsea handler is an abomination

  • I love Chelsea!

  • Disgustingly American talking points... Sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll. And Botox. Plenty o' Botox...

  • lmfaoo she's the interviewer of the Harry iconic interview

    • @ems horAn haha I'm glad you did 🙈💛

    • @Marcent Mayweather sorryy😭 hehe I knew her from that interview and it was iconic but I just saw some vids and yeah she really is funny lmao ur right thanks♡

    • How dare you reduce her to that 😭 Check out her other videos she's super funny

    • her: do you find me attractive? him: uhm..?

    • omggggg 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • The Video is really good

  • Please, please, please don't cut these videos so abruptly in the end. Same with another interview I saw lately. Thanks!

  • Love me some Handler!!!

  • Queen of Comedy tbh.

    • But she isn't females are

  • Of course it is, its whiteboysummer

  • fz1

  • LOVE BTS 💜

  • My favorite two tv stars in one show❤️

  • Something

  • LOL! 😂🤣

  • Chelsea is not funny... Shes not a comedian.... Straight trash to me....

  • @thefirstun on UZfire

  • Bring on the sex vibes 🙌💯☀️👏

  • 🥰 nice

  • Hello Chelsea, I’d like you to meet my football team. I think you’ll love the Band.

  • fiddy thrusted her love muscles

  • 3:00 “Exchanging Butt Fluid”. Right on, Chelsea…right on.

  • I miss spill your guts... 😥

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  • More Sex during this summer, this summer it's going to be like a mothafucka!

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